What I Believe

Briefly speaking….

My Passions in Ministry

My passions in ministry are to proclaim the Word of God compassionately to a lost world in desperate need of the Savior, to pastor His church with the love of Jesus Christ, and to equip believers to live for God’s glory and fulfill the Great Commission.

 The Word of God, The Gospel, Grace, and the Glory of God

From the pulpit and personally, I stand under the authority of the Word of God. I believe the Bible is inerrant, infallible and inspired. We can be confident that the original manuscripts have been miraculously transmitted through the ages and accurately translated for our understanding today. Scripture is God’s direct revelation to man and a testimony to Jesus Christ, by whom and through whom is our only hope of salvation. I believe the redeeming Gospel of Jesus Christ must be central in all areas of life. The Gospel is the historical truth that Jesus live a perfect, sinless life, was crucified on the cross suffering the wrath of God due man as the penalty for sin, was resurrected and seen by hundreds all according to the God’s plan and revealed through both testaments of God’s Word. I believe that the Gospel delivers any repentant sinner called by the Holy Spirit who turns to Christ by faith. I believe as much as the Gospel delivers, it demands our ultimate surrender to King Jesus. The Gospel redeems sinners giving them a new identity and a new activity empowered by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of all creation, and especially of every believer, is to glorify God. God is most greatly glorified in us when we find our identity, our purpose, and our delight in him. I promise to preach and teach the Word of God in all of its fullness and in so doing, give all glory to Jesus Christ.


I am a theologically conservative Baptist, by conviction not by birth. I fully affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and the Danvers statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Because the Lord first calls men to be a godly husband to their wife and father to their children, I believe the first ministry responsibility of every husband and father is his family. I am no exception. The Word of God teaches that a pastor must first pastor his family well if he is going to pastor his church well. To this end, I promise to be, with the help of Jesus Christ, an exemplary husband, father, and thereby pastor to the glory of God.

 The Church and her Under-Shepherd

The Word of God teaches that God has set apart the local church in a special way to be outposts in the advancing mission of Jesus Christ. When a local church is not actively on mission, she will wither and perish. However, nothing will stop God’s plan to bring worshippers of every tribe, tongue, and nation unto himself.

Moreover, I believe God’s Word makes clear the organization of the local church. She is to be congregationally governed where elders shepherd, deacons serve, the church body consents and together everyone engages in the mission of our Lord. As a shepherding pastor I promise to lead, equip, know, and protect those that Jesus, the Chief Shepherd, has entrusted to me. Therefore, I will:

  • Strive to be a servant leader who daily humbles himself before the Lord and leads according to Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Work cooperatively and with longsuffering as we seek to follow the Lord’s leading together
  • Earnestly and fervently pray, devote myself to the study of the Word of God, and entrust my efforts to the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in order to equip the body of the church each week to be more like Christ.
  • Make it my aim to know personally each member of the church in a deeply spiritual and personal way
  • Pray for the members of the body personally and corporately
  • Pursue God’s flock entrusted to me with the redeeming Gospel of Jesus when they wander and exhort them with the grace of God when they are near.
  • Genuinely love my faith family with the love of Jesus Christ when they are sick and when they are well.
  • Seek men of godly character and the compassion of Christ to help me minister effectively, because I love my faith family and because the task of pastoral ministry can be immense. I promise that I will not desert this responsibility, but rather I will commit myself to it with determination.
  • Commit myself as a shepherding pastor to protecting the church body under my charge.
  • Through thorough study, fervent prayer, and dependence on the Holy Spirit, do the best I can in Christ to guard the church from the wolves of false doctrine, including any doctrine that perverts or dilutes the Word of God and the evangelical doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Protect the pulpit by only permitting men who I believe I know personally hold the same convictions as our church.
  • Guard and defend the character of our church both privately and publically to the glory of God.
  • Lead our church to a healthy, biblical practice of formative and corrective church discipline out of a spirit of humility and love for the purpose of reconciliation.

 Missions: Making Disciples

I believe the Great Commission is still God’s command for the church today. I believe that through the Cooperative Program, Southern Baptists efficiently and effectively are reaching the world with the Gospel, but there is more work to be done and more workers are needed in the field. I believe that missions across America and across the seas will not be effective without missions to the community in which God has planted His church. I believe that the light that shines the furthest, shines the brightest at home, and that the church should recognize that she is full of missionaries not converts and certainly not spectators. My aim is to do all that does not violate the Word of God or my conscience in order to encourage and equip everyone within the church to serve Jesus in unity with one another using their spiritual gifts for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom by making multiplying disciples through the matchless truth and power of the Gospel.