In Between

advent 2016

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Advent 2016 | Part 7

In Between

Luke 22:14-20



One of the core truths about this Advent series: the REALITY of the 1st Advent PREPARES US for the CERTAINTY of the 2nd Advent


WE LIVE with the PRAYER, “Thy Kingdom come”

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The Christ Light of Christmas

advent 2016

The Christ Light of Christmas

Christmas Eve 2016

Isaiah 9:2, 6 with Luke 1:79; Ephesians 2:1


Christmas Lights

Christmas trees with twinkling light

Christmas candles in windows bright

Christmas stars that shine on high

Golden stars in the wintry sky


While in our hearts the Christmas light

Glows with the love of that first Christmas night

The infant Christ of lowly birth

Came to bring good will and peace to earth

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advent 2016

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Advent 2016 | Part 4


Luke 1:34-38


Christmas is Almost Here!


Can’t you feel the anticipation!

7 days away… presents are starting to show up under the tree… in our house, the Advent mouse is inching closer down the calendar… the anticipation (or ANXIETY) is building

There is this EXPECTANT WAITING AND ANTICIPATION of a coming day

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Saving King

advent 2016

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Advent 2016 | Part 3

Saving King

Luke 1:26-33


Don’t you love this time of year?!

…how many other times can the radio play the same songs over and over and it really not bother you

…or how many other times during the year can you snoop out other people’s houses – literally creep through neighborhoods not be considered a threat

…I really do like this time of year. Everybody is more jovial, generous, hopeful

…this time of year has a built in hope to it

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