Evangelism as a Spiritual Discipline – Colossians 4:2-6


Further Application

  1. Have you considered sharing the gospel with other people a privilege or has evangelism evoked a deep sense of dread for you? Tell God why you are afraid, and ask him to deliver you from fear. Recall 2 Tim 1:7, and remember that God is looking for your obedience. Satan will coerce you to keep quiet for fear of failing and then condemn you for not trying. Share the gospel and trust God for the results.
  2. List five people whom you know that you can begin personally praying for opportunities to share the gospel. Consider sharing these with your family or an accountability partner who can also pray for these people with you.
  3. Practice listening well so that you can see where the gospel intersects their story.
  4. Write your testimony (or your story) so that you can share it clearly in under 3 minutes. Your story should include (a.) your life before Christ, (b.) the moment in which you surrendered your life to Christ, (c.) and how Christ has changed your life. If the either (b.) or (c.) are missing, it is time to seriously consider if you have genuinely surrendered your life to Christ and are saved.
  5. Practice sharing the gospel. A simple method of sharing the gospel is with the “3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide” from NAMB. A video of this presentation may be found at: http://www.dutchcovebaptist.org/#/why-jesus
  6. Choose an accountability partner that will commit to helping you develop the discipline of sharing the gospel. Then the two of you commit to having 2 gospel conversations each week. Keep a journal of your experiences and what you learn from each one. Then share your experiences with each other.

Sermon Notes

Main Idea: You can go into your community and unto the nations with the Gospel bearing confident expectation because: Whosoever will may come. And whosoever comes is brought by God.

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