Worship as a Spiritual Discipline – John 4:23-26


Further Application

  1.  The workweek can be difficult, but it’s made more difficult when we abandon the application of God’s Word from Sunday. Do you view worship as a Sunday activity or the whole of the Christian life? What factors led you to the point where you began to segregate God-centered worship to a once-weekly activity rather than an everyday identity? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you rightly prioritize your life as a worshipper of Jesus.
  2. What are some biblical ways that you can personally worship God each day? Consider ways you can devote personal time to reflecting with your heart and your head the supremacy/greatness of the Lord (e.g. reflecting on the greatness of God by meditating on particular, or setting aside a time of devoted prayer, or learning a melody you can sing).
  3. What are some biblical ways that you can worship as a family during the week outside of coming to church? Choose one of those ways and begin implementing it this week.
  4. Have you made the common mistake of thinking that worship on Sunday is only, or primarily, the singing? The Bible makes clear that when believers come together to worship, everything we do is done before God and He is to be at its center – from prayer, to giving, to singing, to reading Scripture together, to applying Scripture through the preaching, to our response. When you consider that truth, coupled with the truth that you are made alive in Christ, how would you begin to worship differently on Sunday mornings?

Sermon Notes

MIM: You become what you focus on. Because the focus of biblical worship is God, to the degree you commit yourself to daily worship is the degree to which you will transform into the image of Christ.

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